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Vacancy (2007

Vacancy  is the story of a somewhat unhappily married couple on some sort of road trip arguing about vague references to their dead son. Although with this kind of movie, no one really cares that much about backstory. . . we wanna see the stabby. Vacancy was directed by Nimrod Antal (How many ass kickings do you think that guy got in high school?) and stars Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale as our wayward couple. If you are strictly looking for a gore fest, you may well be a little disappointed, and while the film is pretty predictable it never disappoints.

Ok, I gotta say that I was expecting a little more blood than I got. Other than one dead cop, and the bad guys, no one actually dies in the movie. (There are a large number of previously done snuff films that were made before. . .and there are some vaguely unsatisfying deaths in those. Even with that complaint, Vacancy was really a very well done genre movie. Despite my best efforts, I actually ended up caring about the main characters. ( I guess that's what happens when they pony up the cash for decent talent.) For those going to see the movie because the ratings list nudity as a reason for the R rating, I will tell you that Kate Beckinsale does not take off her clothes. (For that matter, neither does Luke Wilson.)

And I have to ask, when there is a traffic jam on the interstate does anyone really take "shortcuts" through the mountains? And if you do, and your car breaks down. . .  Do you really stay at the creepy motel that clearly hasn't had a guest since 1956? And if you do stop and the night manager is obviously a serial killer, why don't you just go back to the car? But anyway, I digress.

In Summary:

Gratuitous sparklers

Auto mechanics (It must be the Framistat. . . or possibly the Swenson Bevel)

Random acts of wildlife avoidance

Flashlight Fu

Hammer Fu

A couple of good knifings.

And one dead cop

I give it 4 out of 5 hidden cameras.

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